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Supersoft Flame Leg Warmers

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Even on a hot summer’s day, the temperature never gets sweaty enough to venture outside the crib without a piece of clothing that’s even hotter than the sun’s rays. You can emerge from your crib of stability sporting a pair of these ultra cushy, super soft BabyLegs leg warmers. On these leg warmers will be designs that will make a statement; one that says “Don’t mess with me, or i’ll throw some flames in your face; flames of hot fiery excitement.”

Apparently, the patch of skin between the ankle and the bottom of the pant or skirt is an especially difficult place to cover up (and keep as awesome as the rest of your outfit). The BabyLegs Supersoft Leg Warmers from the Baby Bungalow provide just the right protection and makes crawling around on all fours tons more comfortable. Without worrying about a dreaded, rashy rug-burn from thrashing on the ground all day trying to get from the television to their juice-filled bottles, these super-sweet black and red flaming baby warmers rise 40 centimeters to the sky and cover up that sensitive part of your baby’s leg. The height of the socks pales in comparison to how high those flames of wild craziness can get.

For all you wild infant rebels out there!

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