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Survivor for iPad

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The iPad has changed the way we (and our tech-savvy kids) surf the internet, view pictures of cats, and play games. I don’t know if it is an important technological advancement or a $600 Facebook machine. The iPad is one of the few machines that keeps you in the bathroom until your legs go numb. There needs to be a condition named for the pins and needles caused by Plants vs. Zombies. The epidemic even spreads to infants who think that magazines are swipable like the iPad.

Unfortunately, the iPad is not coated with titanium alloy like Wolverine’s skeleton. This means when your little angel has a temptanturum in the middle of Starbucks, because you wouldn’t purchase a Frappachino, he’s going to take it out on the iPad. WOOSH, there it goes sailing right into display of overpriced coffee mugs. Now if you would have purchased the Survivor Case you might not have had to sell your child’s kidney to replace it. From now on you are going to have to rely on your archaic iPhone to post those status updates. Geesh, that is so 2009.

Just like your soon to be teenage daughter, the iPad needs some serious protection. It’s fragile, and those brats love to drop stuff on the ground. Griffin’s Survivor Military-Duty Case is shatterproof and has a protective barrier that stops little sticky fingers from smudging the screen. You can even view videos on the site to check out the test results.

Check out this video of this cat playing with an iPad, it has nothing to do with this product description at all, but look it’s a cat being cute.

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