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Svan Scooter

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People should be weird. Babies should be weird too, and the best way to make them so is to give them weird toys. This Svan scooter certainly doesn’t fit the Platonic ideal of a scooter. When you look at it, you can hardly tell what it is…but it’s just a scooter–a really weird looking scooter, for your weird little babe.

This is an amazing, open-ended toy that allows your child to scoot around in whatever direction, style, or contortion that he/she can dream up. Aside from the physical development skills that they’ll develop, like balance and coordination, they’ll also look super cool on this thing! Featuring a lead-free finish and low-VOC paints, the scooter is recommended primarily for indoor use and will last a while. It’s appropriate for children ages 1-5 and we’re pretty sure it won’t be one of those toys your child uses for a day and then never looks at again.

You will likely be the only parent in the nabe with this interesting-looking contraption. You’ll be an oasis of curvy, blond wood in a sea of skinny assembly line Razor scooters. This probably means your house will be the most popular one on the block, so set up the red velvet ropes and draw up your VIP list now.

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