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Swig Sippy Cup

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Adults get all the cool drinkware (case in point). The little ones? Well, for years they’ve been stuck with ordinary and dull glasses and sippy cups to slurp their drinks. Not anymore; Swig is taking a stand against children’s boring drinkware by introducing the world to ergonomic and interesting sippy cups parents actually want to own, and kids actually love drinking from.

The Swig is spill-resistant (test it, we dare ya) with its silicone spout top or flip-top straw (your choice), and is completely BPA-, phtalate- and PVC-free. The Swig is for young and old(ish), with the spout top recommended for kids 9 months and up, and the flip-top straw for babes over 12 months.

What adults love most about the Swig is that it helps kids grow accustomed to drinking on their own with the easy-to-grip shape and fun straw or spout. If your wee one is coming out of their blue and orange phase, grab another Swig sippy cup and mix up the colors—interchangeable lids? Pretty cool, right?

You’ll also enjoy the fact that the Swig is dishwasher safe; no more scrubbing down sippy cups after a night filled with diaper changes and nighttime terrors (the kids, not you).

Go on, take a Swig or two!

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