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Swing Kid’s Retro Bowling Shirt

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If the movie Kingpin taught us anything, it was that 1: Amish people are surprisingly good bowlers, and 2: a prosthetic hand can master the art of bowling just as well as one in the flesh. It also made us realize that humor in a film can solely rely on just one object alone, as was the case with that wig worn by Randy Quaid (it should have gotten its own movie, in my opinion). Lastly, it taught us how effective proper attire can be to the game of bowling and that a pro-bowler is taken only as seriously as their shirt. Without the traditional bowling shirts worn by rockabilly cats everywhere, you might as well play with a plastic bowling set on your kitchen room floor, alone.

No retro baby-cake from here on out will ever be caught at the alley without their own fashionable retro bowling adornment, now that there are styles specifically available for them.

In colors like Turquoise, Black, and Leopard Print, this Retro Bowling Shirt is made exclusively with fabric that’s cool enough for dancing away the afternoon to Gene Vincent and light enough for a few rounds of competitive, candlepin-style bowling. Parents will love its machine wash-ability and kids will love how cool they feel in their retro-influenced garb-a-doodle-do.

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