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Taga Child Carrier Bike and Luxury Baby Stroller

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Why should kids get all the fun? They get to sit all snug in their strollers as you push them along on the busy streets. It’s about time you sat just as snug as baby, right? Well, you can, thanks to the Taga Child Carrier Bike and Luxury Baby Stroller. Some kind of stroller wizard must have come up with this idea, simply because it’s pure magic. Magic, we say! You know!

In seconds, this Taga bike can switch to a stroller to navigate through stores or the subway, then just as easily be set back up as a baby stroller/bike in four steps. Don’t think this is just some novelty item you pin on Pinterest—this is a fully-functioning carrier bike, awarded for its design and innovation, and even recognized as one of the year’s smartest products back in ‘08.

Ready for the specs? The frame is constructed of high-finish aluminum alloy with disk brakes on both front wheels, as well as a roller brake on the rear. It also comes with a spiffy rotating mud guard (bet your stroller now doesn’t have that!), steering lock and head cushion.

Did we mention there’s also an option for a second child seat to be attached to this amazing stroller bike? Who says three’s a crowd? The whole brood is going to be happy (and smiling those smug smiles) when you ride them around town in this beauty.

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