Take Your Family On An Adventure With Legends of Andor


Is your family looking for an epic co-op board game adventure that teaches you how to play instead of wasting hours reading a rule book? If your answer is yes, then you need to add Legends of Andor to the family game night.  With four classes to choose from; dwarf, warrior, archer and wizard, lots of tokens, wooden dice and a huge double-sided board you’ll definitely feel you get your money’s worth.


The game comes with five campaigns called legends that set up the game play. A sixth set of blank cards is included to let you and your kids create your own scenario. Each campaign contains most of the instructions on how to play, and there is a supplemental rule book for a detailed explanation of some of the rules. The first legend is all you need to play. Two to four players select  male or female versions of the four provided character classes and delve right into game play. With so many tokens to punch out, you may find setup to be a little on the lengthy side, but rest assured Fantasy Flight has provided a plethora of small zip lock bags to organize all the pieces. Seriously, they give you a ton, I still have some left over.


Once everything is setup, you can use the legend cards to begin playing. This is where my group really messed up. The first rule with Legends of Andor is to not over think the rules on your first play through. It’s almost as if the game assumes there are players who are new to the hobby game world. We, self-anointed veterans of the board game realm, began to skip ahead of the tutorial and set the game up as we saw fit. Fast forward over an hour later and we realize we screwed up big time. So, we basically had to start all over again. The second time was much smoother, so make sure you simply follow the instructions.

The designers wanted people who are new to the hobby to really enjoy this game. This includes younger kids who may have mastered simple games like “Hey, That’s My Fish”. In Andor, your party is completing objectives while growing in powers and defeating a multitude of monsters. I don’t want to get into the specifics because that will ruin the game. It is best to just go into without knowing the legends. I really like how characters become more powerful throughout the game and how the monsters increase in difficulty. Once we got on the right track the rules were fairly simple to catch on.


Most of us loved the game, my one complaint would be the time it takes to setup. There are a lot of pieces and if you have antsy kids you’ll want to give them specific jobs with the set up. I am concerned with replayability, once you successfully play through the five legends there really isn’t a reason to do it a second time. That’s not to say you won’t get hours of fun from the game, but once the legend has been fully revealed and beaten there really isn’t much of a reason to play it with the same group again. I’m sure that’s why FFG included some blank cards to make your campaigns. There is an expansion out in Germany, but no news on whether it will be coming to the states.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game. I think for small families it is a wonderful way to provide an evening of entertainment. Rest assured, this is a completely different experience than playing a dungeon crawler game like Legends Of Drizzt and less complex than Descent: Journeys in The Dark Second Edition Board Game. You can purchase Legends of Andor at Amazon.

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