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Tamagotchi Music Star

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I remember when Tamagotchi Pets were a big deal when I was like, 10. I was SO excited. I had been reading up on the latest Toys R’ Us flyers, the ones with more than five pages, keeping tabs of the toy market like any kid my age. I perused the pages and soon laid my eyes on the Tama Pet, I wanted nothing else.

I hounded my mom for days until she went insane, caved in and bought me an electronic pet of my very own. Well, the first few days were exciting. I would “feed it” and take it for “walks,” and “clean up” after it, and “play” with it. It would “bark” and “whine” and show general anger if I wasn’t consistently giving it attention. It got so bad that eventually it was waking me up at 2am and frustrating the holy heck out of my moms. But I couldn’t turn it off; there was no button for that. So I was stuck–stuck with technology that was a bit too lifelike for my tastes.

As toy technology has advanced and perfected the bumps and kinks that came with the first wave of Tamagotchi pets, things have gotten better and no longer are the pets annoying little egg-shell shaped pieces of frustration; they’re much better and a lot more playable than they used to be. Also, they’ve expanded their line to include not only pets but rock stars that you can raise all your own.

The Tamagotchi Music Star is cultivation at its finest. They have over twenty musical instruments to choose from, eight new games, and over forty characters to meet and greet. Kids raise and care for their music star, follow their musical career, and watch as they grow into adults in the harsh reality of the music biz. There they form their own band and perform night after night (and even during the afternoon after nap time) in front of a group of judges where they either move on as rock stars or have their spirits broken by people like Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, there isn’t a button to give them a shoulder to cry on, so they’ll just have to tough it out the only way that a tech-style rock star can.

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