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Tap Tap Tap Revenge: Nirvana iOS App

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Not that long ago, news arose in the social media world about a possible reuniting of the remaining dudes from Nirvana with Paul McCartney fronting the group. When the announcement spread like viral wildfire, Nirvana enthusiasts’ minds were collectively blown. Taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on 12/12/12, in dedication to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, The Who, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, and (of course) The Rolling Stones, played a four-hour set while Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl were continuously mentioned as “coming up next next.” When the big moment came and we were all holding each other tight with joy because of how fabulous this was going to be, the outcome was not what we thought. The one song they played wasn’t even a Nirvana song; it was disappointing on a number of  infinite levels, and a reminder that Kurt is an irreplaceable figure that the “cute Beatle” couldn’t even fill.

Try to forget that this night in NYC ever took place, and play a game of Tap Tap: Nirvana Revenge with your Cobain-loving offspring to ease up the mood. Created in 2008, Tap Tap Revenge (formerly known as Tap Tap Revenge Classic) is a music game application for iPhones similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The overall goal of this game app is to hit the beat at the exact right moment. If you don’t do this in time you lose points, but if you’re quick enough, then lucky you cause now you have lots of points and a sense of achievement. With Tap Tap Revenge: Nirvana, your kids can rack up points to the beat of 13 classic songs from Seattle’s one-and-only. Put your tweens in the Nirvana spirit by allowing them to stay up way past their bedtime with a game that gets your approval way more than “New Nirvana” did.

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