That TARDIS is Everywhere


Before a few months ago, I wasn’t much into Dr. Who (please don’t throw stuff at me). You know what convinced me to finally sit down and give it a good try, besides the newer incarnation popping up in Netflix? All that blue TARDIS stuff everywhere all the time.

That blue police call box is literally everywhere I look. Its presence is in all of the usual nerdy places: cons, weird Valentine’s Day cards and knitted stuff. But sundresses, cat houses and blue effing refrigerators?

There are even engagement rings, for heaven’s sake.


There’s gotta be something going on here. When I finally started watching the show, it all made sense: nothing makes sense! It’s pure, wacky (timey-wimey) sci-fi gold.

So just for fun, because seeing the places the TARDIS pops up is just too awesome to resist, here are a few of our favorite call box cameos.

Etsy artist Karen Hallion makes cool mashup images, usually involving an interesting look at Disney. Here’s her take on how the TARDIS light works:


I mentioned the TARDIS fridge earlier, which at first might seem a little laughable. But really, who wouldn’t want more room in there or a way to move through time to keep things fresher?


Another interesting TARDIS find was this beautiful Victorian gown. We understand and encourage geeking out about something, but this dress takes it to the next level. I wish I was into anything as much as the seller (or buyer) of this dress is into Dr. Who.


Is the loud, funky legging trend played out or just getting started? Does it really matter when there are TARDIS leggings out there somewhere? Fandom before fashion, friends.


If you like to play it a little more on the subtle side, maybe some TARDIS blue nail polish is all you really need. If someone recognizes the shade of blue, you know you’ve found a new friend.


And don’t think you’re finally getting through one of our articles without some awesome baby gear linkage. Look closely at the diaper bag pattern on this ultimate baby gift set to see our fave Whovian icon.


Want to see other stuff inspired by the TARDIS? Check out for a forum full of the creations of Whovian hobbyists (like the shed from the header).

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