Targimals Bring Bravery and Honor to Playtime


The Kickstarter Campaign for Dale Taylor’s Forge of Honor toys has a few days left on the timer, but has already well exceeded its original $18,000 goal. Why? Because the public has spoken, and they’re awesome.

The Forge of Honor toy collection includes Targimals, Bordor Blades and Bordor Shields. The blades and shields are soft, quilted, and ready for some kick-ass medieval dress-up time. The Targimals are little stuffed friends that attach to the top of the shield, but also have two shields of their own: one on their chest and one on their tail.


This all started when Dale Taylor’s daughter had a little trouble combating the bedroom monsters that only appeared when adults weren’t around. The only thing that kept the monsters at bay was a little creature named Ricasso. Dale and his daughter made up all kinds of stories about Ricasso’s adventures, and when it was time for lights out, Ricasso would watch over her, keeping her safe. From there, Taylor got to work trying to come up with a toy line worthy of Ricasso’s heroics.

As Taylor told Nerdy With Children, “I came up with the Targimals after realizing just a sword and shield wasn’t that unique or that magical for kids my daughter’s age. Of course, kids love animals, so I tried to think of a way to combine the two. We went through several ideas. Finally we hit upon a shield companion that would be like a coaching buddy sitting on your shield as you fought monsters.”

Taylor explains that “The Targimal could also watch over you while you sleep by attaching to the shield in ‘pillow mode’.” A toy that kids can use to build their own confidence, have fun, use as imagination fodder, and feel protected by? How has this not come around until now?


The sword and Targimal plushies can be purchased separately, but to get the shield, you’ll need to buy it with an accompanying Targimal. If you make it in time to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll receive discounts and bonuses.

The sets come in all kinds of color combos, with six different Targimals to choose from, including a freakin’ unicorn and dragon.

When I’m looking at a new toy, I prepare myself for the typical annoyance that starts boiling inside of me at it being strictly a “girl toy” or a “boy toy,” but this time as I scrolled down the page to check out the options available, and I knew exactly which one my inner child wanted – pink. That sword and shield are pink.


The small, family-run company plans to release a series of books to accompany the toys, giving backstories to all of the Targimals. Taylor told us that “There’s a story book being written that explains [that] there’s a magic power in the “Bordor” edge on the sword and shield that is a powerful weapon against monsters, but soft to humans. So a kid can take the soft pillow sword to bed, but it still has a monster-stopping edge that is effective against monsters only. I really need to get the books finished!”

If you just can’t wait another stinkin’ minute for this amazing gender-neutral and rpg-ready toy that just might reclaim a little of your family’s bedtime sanity, head over to the Forge of Honor Website and check out the “Freebies” tab where you can print out some coloring pages and start to make up your family’s own Targimal stories.

What better way to teach your kids that “everyone falls down, but heroes get up?” Also, did I mention the pink sword and shield?


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