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Tattoo Bandages

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Oh no! Baby’s got a boo-boo. What to do-do? What should we use to cover it? We can’t use those plain-old boring band-aids to cover up the pain; let’s use something more fitting to our baby’s taste and style. How about these cool looking Jerry Sailor tattoo bandages? Look at all the rad designs to choose from. Yeah, let’s throw that box of generic wound covers right in the garbage, and never use those again. We’re all about the skin-art tattoo bandages from now on.

Perhaps this hasn’t happened to everyone, but seriously, when a child needs a band-aid, you can’t just give them any ol’ piece of plastic–you have to give them the highest quality piece of plastic you can find. Therefore, you’ve gotta give them The Skin Art Bandages from Babesta: the trendy website for the trendy baby. Choose from classic tattoo styles such as “Mom” with a heart, an anchor, flaming dice and roses that are all latex-free and will make all kids way cooler than everyone else. Tattoos will do this; especially if it looks like you got one before you could walk or talk.

Fashioned in a super cool tin can that comes with a free surprise prize at the bottom, consider this the happy meal of baby bandages. With an ouch factor of less than zero, your child will be distracted by how awesome and hip they look with their Jerry Sailor tattoos, and forget to focus on all the pain they could be feeling without them.

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