Teaching Kids About Fine Art Through Toys


It takes years to cultivate a discerning eye for the world’s finest art, so why not start early? You know art isn’t stuffy, so have a little fun with it while your kids are still in their toy-loving phase.

Puzzles are a great way to kick off a life-long love and appreciation of great art. Jigsaw puzzles for preschoolers don’t all have to be about farms and firetrucks; their education in fine art can most definitely start here with this enormous floor puzzle.


For older kids with a ton of patience, a Puzzle Blox 6-in-1 cube puzzle will bring the perfect level of challenge combined with a study of six of the art world’s most beautiful masterpieces.


If your kid is more into making art than assembling puzzles, they’d get a head start on their path to becoming a master in their own right with a Master Kitz famous painting art kit. Our favorite is Monet’s Water Lilies, but you can find a Master Kitz for any taste from Hokusai to Matisse.


If you prefer modeling your kids’ crafts after the masters but think you can wing it without a kit, try out this impressionist finger painting craft. Use masking tape to create the bridge over the pond, and fingerpainted dots to make an image just like Monet’s.


If your kids are more into playing with dolls or action figures than with paints, or if you’d like to supplement your kid’s artistic studies with a biographical element, you can always pick up a super detailed Van Gogh action figure. Can he hold his own against all of those G.I. Joes and Kaiju hanging around in the toybox? The answer may surprise you.


If the whole family is into art and tabletop gaming, your interests are sure to intercept in the Impressionist Art Game.


And finally, we’ll leave you with something a little silly: the Museum Collection Gustav Klimt Barbie doll. Barbie catches a lot of flack around here, but she at least gets an A for effort for trying on this one (even if she is very much still a Barbie doll).


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