How Techie Kids Stay Warm


Guys, it’s cold. The “polar vortex” is headed our way, which means temperatures in the Midwest could annihilate old record lows. Today at work, a bunch of hearty Canadians decided to call it quits early because the temperature was dropping so quickly. Most people find it hard to do everyday things in the cold, but for a gadget nerd, the loss of easy tech access is perhaps the worst part of frigid weather. Good thing tech people are exceptional at problem solving.

Let’s cover all of the high-tech winter wear essentials.

Touch-Screen Friendly Winter Gloves

If you’d like your family to be able to take photos or access any other kind of tablet tech while enjoying the great outdoors, you could always opt for the convertible glove-mitten combo.


Almost as soon as the smartphone started showing up, so did “texting gloves” featuring conductive fabric on the index finger and thumb. You can purchase some, but why not just make a pair of your own using metallic thread?


GPS Tracker for Kids’ Jackets

You may not want to let your kids out of your sight when you’re out having winter fun, but kids will be kids (especially when it’s a snow day.) If your kid is always playing hide and seek with you, you may want to try out something like the Trax GPS Tracker.


iPhone Scarf

You may not want your kids texting all the time, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be able to speak to them on the phone without making them take off all their layers. A scarf like the Peepsnake carries and connects small gadgets to make things easier in the cold.


Headphone Winter Hat

And of course, what could be more natural than a hat that covers your ears while piping tunes into them? You could get a plain old headphone beanie, or you could a sweet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one like this. You could even get a different turtle for the whole family (dibs Donatello!)


If the cold temps have you wishing for some gear that can warm itself, look no further. This headband carries a battery-operated warmer to keep ears and neck nice and toasty.






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