Little Lark Wolf Kids Shirt

Bringing Out the Howl in Your Child

Most kids have this idea that wolves are bad; mainly because of the way they are portrayed in movies and books (anyone remember Little Red Riding Hood?). However, beneath that rough, furry exterior is a misunderstood creature. Wolves are highly intelligent and make great spirit animals for kids. They represent loyalty, family, freedom, and independence […]

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Dino Pet is the World’s First Bioluminescent Toy

Maybe you’ve heard of the coastal phenomenon that happens when the timing and conditions are just right and the waves glow as they hit the shore. The tiny animals that make the whitewash glow are called dinoflagellates, which are really just little single-celled organisms (mostly plankton) that move around like animals and photosynthesize like plants. […]

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Kickin’ Kaiju and Jaeger Toys from Pacific Rim

My friends would probably tell you I’m a movie snob. I just like to think that I’m misunderstood. You see, I have a very simple rule for movies. I don’t care what genre they’re in, as long as they’re really really good examples of their genre. If it does whatever it sets out to do […]

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5 Teacher-Recommended Study Tips for Kids and Parents

Yay, fall! It’s time for rainboots and fresh, clean sheets of lined paper. As a kid, I liked the first day of school almost as much as the first day of summer. Even now when I have no reason to be there, if I have time to kill I always find myself perusing the back-to-school […]

Breaking Bad

What You Can Learn About Parenting From Breaking Bad

If you’re aware that television shows exist, you’re likely getting sick of reminders that the final handful of Breaking Bad episodes are in the process of airing. We’re suffering from a bit of hype fatigue ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we’re not psyched to see how Vince Gilligan’s saga of brilliant chemistry and shifty morals […]

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Kid Hackers Learn Creative Thinking and Teamwork

Hacking doesn’t really mean what it used to. Originally, when computers were in their infancy, a hacker was always someone who had nothing but malicious intentions. Now, “hacking” has evolved to mean doing something differently. Hackers take (or make) shortcuts. They know enough to make really difficult things look easy, and they’re constantly thinking of […]

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Unofficial LEGO Build-It-Book Enforces Creativity In Children

Remember when LEGOS came in a big bucket of generic bricks? Instead of Star Wars, LOTR or Pirates you just had basic shapes in a small palette of colors. There were no instructions or guides, you had to use your imagination to build things. Many of you probably built eccentrically detailed “houses”, complete with a […]

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‘Toy Story of Terror’ Spoofs Classic Horror Films

Last week at the D23 Expo, Disney announced that a new half-hour long Toy Story special will air on ABC this fall. The Pixar-produced horror film homage called Toy Story of Terror will feature all of the usual Toy Story suspects. In the special, Bonnie (the toys’ new owner since Toy Story 3, in case […]

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Head Back to School with Nerdy Hoodies

One of my favorite things about fall is pulling on a warm hoodie, getting all snuggly and hiding my hands in the pouch. Hoodies always have your back whether it’s the last camping trip to the first day of school. You might think that a readily available hat and gloves is enough to make hoodies […]

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Would you Send your Kid to a Controversial Summer Camp?

Summer camps are one of those timeless childhood traditions that are a bittersweet mixture of insanely painful homesickness and a first delicious taste of independence. Not all camps are for all kids though. As you may have gleaned from the site this article is on, we hold a fierce belief that it’s extremely important to […]

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