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Teddy Rock

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Just as the newest toy trend quickly sweeps throughout the playgrounds of future rock stars still mastering their ABC’s and 123’s, current trends in music also make their way in and out of toddler-proof ipoodles quicker than a 2012 Furby. Capturing a person’s attention –no matter what age– is trying, but capturing the brain waves of those who can barely speak is a process in and of itself.

Exploring zillions of genres of music that your punky carbon copy can relate to, will better suit their insatiable desire for rock ‘n’ roll/punk/metal/grunge, and that you can stand is a pain in the ass. Look no further, there’s a furry troupe of rebellious punk rockers who wear studs on their leather coats, different color dyes in their hair, and sing songs that fall under a new, never-heard-before classification of music: Nursery Wave.

Teddy Rock, is a Aussie punk rockin’ bear band comprised of members: Belle who cites PJ Harvey, Lily Allen, Blondie and The Go-Go’s among her heroes; Buzz has been influenced by Joe Strummer, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom De Longe; while Bop takes cues from Keith Moon, Tommy Lee and Jack Black. They’re filled with enough ‘tude and enough structured chaos to please both child and parent alike. Teddy Rock’s first album, Nursery-Wave Party, is bludgeoned with 24 fast-as-lightning tracks including “Incy Wincy Spider” and “London Bridge Is Falling Down.” It also comes with an 18-track animated DVD featuring videos of your new favorite kids songs sung with rockin’ zeal and delight.

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