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Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

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Hot water, we take it for granted on a daily basis. We bathe our children in it, cook with it, wash dishes with it, and even use it in our hot chocolate. A recurring first world problem is having to wait for the water to get hot. Sometimes, it seems like it takes forever. Or those times when you are about to wash dishes and then you quickly realize that the water has actually been turned to cold.

Luckily, most of us know the difference between the left and right knobs on a faucet. Your kids, however, randomly take guesses until they are older. Well, now you can purchase the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light. The light will turn the color of the water blue or red, depending on if it is cold or hot. This makes it an excellent tool for teaching your kid which knob does what. Plus, what kid wouldn’t want this in the bathroom? It is super cool.

If your child is still an infant, this makes a great tool to let you know when the water has warmed up enough for a bath. Luckily, water pressure activates the light, which is powered by batteries. The lights are LEDs and should last a good long time. Supposedly, it comes with a universal adapter that fits most faucets, but I would hold on to the receipt just to make sure.

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