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Ten Little Zombies

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Edward Gorey. Does that name a ring a bell? If it doesn’t, it should. He was one of the initial groundbreakers in writing stories for young children with a slightly… morbid twist. Come to think of it, I’m not certain I would show any children Edward Gorey’s stuff without first doing a quick edit read through. For instance, in his version of the alphabet song he writes: “B is for Basil, devoured by bears” and completes it with an illustration.

If you like his style, then Ten Little Zombies is for you. True to Gorey form, the book is written in a dark fashion complete with lots of blood, brains, and some heart. It’s a love story, after all. Parents of squeamish children probably don’t want to pick this one up, as the pages certainly make copious use of the color red if you get my drift.

The story is cute and well told, however, and the couple who are trying to avoid the zombies come up with some very clever ways to dispatch the skull munchers before they get too close. I think most kids will very much enjoy the story and shouldn’t have any side effects like nightmares because, as I said, the book is cute. Bloody cute.

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