Terrapin Bee-Bot

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Terrapin Bee-Bot

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Is it a bee? Is it a turtle? Is it a beeturtlebot? More than the sum of its parts, Bee-Bot is an exciting new robot that teaches your kids about the fun of programming and memory, while also having a blast with their adorable new friend!

Bee-Bot has four buttons on his shell which allow him to move in any of the cardinal directions. Each of these directions can be pressed in any sequence your child wills, storing up to 40 different commands. Once executed, these commands play out in sequence as
Bee-Bot moves through each of them, heading 6” in each direction. He blinks and beeps to announce that the command has been completed, then he turns and moves again.

It sounds simple enough, but Bee-Bot can be used in many different ways. Have your kids design a maze on the floor, then let them figure out how to successfully send Bee-Bot through the maze. Grab some chalk, draw out a city, and send a massive Bee-Bot stampeding through the streets. This little bee is great for teaching your children about sequential reasoning and memory, and they will have fun programming their new robot pal to do their bidding.

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