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The addiction, er, love we have for Tetris is rather unexplainable — I mean really, there’s no awesome graphics, no expansions, and no story. It’s just a simple, virtual puzzle, yet it’s a game that won’t die! There’s a version for every console, and you’re probably playing it on your phone as you’re reading this. We just can’t resist the thrill of watching row upon row of blocks disappear with a BLIP! Even if it does come with the frustration of getting four of those stupid Z-shaped blocks in a row.

Feel the thrills and frustrations of Tetris in three dimensions with this real-world version called Tetris Link. You earn your points by linking your colored pieces together, and try to block other players from doing the same; the longer your color chains, the more points you get! Play time is around 15-20 minutes, so it’s a great game for your little nerds who have trouble sticking with one activity for long periods of time. Tetris Link comes with built-in scoring markers, and a die to tell you which pieces to play.

Did we mention it won the Popular Science award for best toy in 2011? So what are you waiting for? Gather 2-4 little Tetris lovers from your family and let the addiction begin!

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