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That’s How I Roll T-Shirt

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No, you didn’t just do that. I spent all night coming up with this scenario, writing seemingly endless exposition and crafting an elaborate backstory for this NPC. He wasn’t hostile, or attacking you, and he wasn’t planning on it, either. Why did you decide to swing your Hammer of Unending Torment anyway? That single, definitive number, and of all things to roll a crit on, you get it on this. Now, what do you expect me to do with all these pages?

Of course, you can always weasel your way out of it with a timely backup plan, but your players don’t have to know what goes on behind the curtain. However, if your progeny are on the player side of the table, and if they revel in your immaculate percentile chance of rolling an icosahedron to great success, then this shirt is for them. The That’s How I Roll tee features the classic D20, in all its 5% chance glory, prominently displayed on the front of the shirt, with the tagline beneath. It comes in a variety of colors and kids’ sizes, perfect for pointing at with a smug grin when the fateful roll comes up on the table.

I’ll just skip this map and give you your stupid dungeon key. I didn’t really like what I wrote last night anyway.

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