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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

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How is it that Super Mario Bros. keeps us coming back with every game? Somehow, the series uses the same classic formula that’s been its blueprint for decades, but each new game feels just as incredible as the old ones did way back when I was younger. Super Mario Bros. 3 may be one of the two great benchmarks for a fantastic Mario game (the other arguably being Super Mario World), but I felt its presence while recently playing the newest game in the series. I have a feeling that our kids will be showing our grandkids the latest Super Mario Bros. game, and it’ll still feel the same as when we introduced our nerdlings to it.

Because of its greatness, Super Mario Bros. 3 was given its own spin-off animated series. The Complete Series comes with all 26 episodes spanning 3 DVDs, in a nice box set. There are some extras in here too, in case the cartoon isn’t enough Mario for you and your kids. Of all the Mario cartoons that were made over the years, this series was likely the best. It’s not really a close approximation to the game, but if your Koopa Kids are interested in playing Mario already (and they probably are), a Saturday morning cartoon about their favorite plumbers isn’t going to shrink them into mini versions of themselves.

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