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The Arcadie

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Do you ever watch your children play games on their iPhone, fingers gliding across the screen with the greatest of ease, and feel nostalgic about your time spent in the arcades? Do you ever wish that your children could experience the tactile glee of mashing big red buttons furiously or yanking the joystick frantically to dodge, as if by pulling the stick harder it somehow had an effect on how fast your character moved?

Well, there’s a new gadget in town called the Arcadie. It’s a little device that simulates the arcade experience for youngsters who have never had the opportunity. The machine features a fairly sizeable screen and replica controls from an old school arcade, complete with large plastic buttons and a soon-to-be-abused joystick. The Arcadie supports both iPone and iPod touch; basically you plug the device in the back and blam! the Arcadie starts right up. It uses the juice from your phone/iPod, so there’s no need for additional batteries. Do be aware however, that not every game works with the unit, but you can find a list of compatible programs before you buy.

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