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The Art of Video Games

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It is important to instill in your children the finer things in life. In order to be well-rounded nerds like their parents, they need culture, an appreciation for music and art, and a taste for expensive champagne. Ok, well maybe it’s a bit early yet for booze, but you get the point. This neat little book will (hopefully) impress upon your children the understanding that there is more to video games than mindless entertainment. The platform is an art form in its own right, and this book will guide your children through video game’s visual history.

Starting with the simple blocky pixels of Pac-Man, the book provides gorgeous examples of the rapid evolution of graphics. Games did not always look as pretty as they do in the world of Xboxes and PS3’s. The change was breakneck in pace and grand in scale. Sit down with your little one and educate them on why Mario looks like he does and how beautiful games have become.

Pro-tip: The original Mario had red overalls and a blue shirt. Eventually the colors were reversed seeing as most overalls are made from denim. Your kids won’t believe you until you show them this book.

Check out this rant below about why video games should be considered art.

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