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The Avengers: Volume One – Heroes Assemble!

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As a general rule animated series that detail the history of comic book heroes fall into one of two categories: they are either abysmal beyond words, or they completely exceed the expectations of the viewer to such a degree that they sometimes become even more canonical than the source material. Terrible series abound, but the latter, wonderfully produced shows are few and far between. Indeed, the last cartoon that did justice was the Batman Animated Series from the nineties. But a new champion has arisen in the form of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Taking a cue from the older comics from the fifties and sixties, the stories stay true to the source material whilst also dealing with some fairly complex issues in a simple, understated and visually appealing art style. If you want to introduce your nerdlings to the world of The Avengers, this series is the way to go. The plot shows how the group came to be, and then allows the ramifications and repercussions of assembling a pack of egocentric, super-powered heroes to create tension, drama, and depth. Sure, at its heart it is a cartoon, and your kids will eat it up probably for no other reason. But there is a hope, that the characters and their stories will plant a seed of nerdiness in their tiny little hearts.

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