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The Beatles Monopoly

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It’s been such a hard day, and you’ve been playin’ like a little puppy: wreaking havoc, eating sugar, throwing tantrums, and watching weird, anime cartoons. Now is the right time to settle down and play something that won’t make your parents wish they’d put you up for adoption. Can’t think of anything? Well, how’s about a game? That might be fun. No, not a videogame, you child of the technological age, A BOARD GAME! A BEATLES board game: Monopoly-style.

The most popular game this side of Yahtzee and the greatest band of all time are now together as one in an interactive activity that every rocker family will love. Take a few turns around the board, stroll past Abbey Road and Apple Studios, and collect the entire Beatles anthology as you go. Kids will learn about the band that revolutionized music, and parents will watch proudly as their bitty Beatle learns the history of rock n’ roll. With customized game pieces commemorating the greatest Beatles hits, kids can have fun while expanding their musical knowledge. Just try not to land in jail or you’ll be sitting in Monopoly limbo while Yoko Ono sings remixed versions of her songs forever. Ouch!

Let’s think of happier Beatle days

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