The Best Gadgets For Kids At CES 2013


The annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is held in Las Vegas each year in January. It’s a massive event created with the intention of letting manufacturers of  consumer electronics show off their latest and greatest to a horde of retail buyers and vendors, as well as a horde of members of the gadget press, each hoping to catch a glimpse of the next big thing.

Kids are the next generation of gadget consumers, and there’s news out of CES about gadgets, toys, and other nerdy electronics stuff made especially for them. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best of these from this year’s 2013 CES.

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Phillips In.Sight baby monitor – $169.99 –

This iOS connected baby monitor comes with temperature and humidity sensors to alert you when your wee one isn’t sleeping in the perfectly tuned environment. You can listen to audio, watch the video — with night vision, even — from any connected iPhone or iPad, and you can even talk to your baby with a speaker that’s built right in to the camera.
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VIVOplay – Release planned for q2 2013

Here’s a device that will let your child call up to five pre-set phone numbers, receive incoming calls and text from pre-approved people, locate your child via GPS, and alert you on your smartphone if your child leaves a pre-set safety zone. In addition, this thing has an emergency button that, when pressed, will call all 5 pre-set phone numbers and record location information until the child is found. All that, and a remote locator to help you find the watch when it gets invariably misplaced make this one of the hotter anticipated items coming out of CES this year
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iPotty – $40.00 – Available March 2013

File this one under “ridiculous yet strangely compelling,” as the iPotty has made the rounds on every tech blog out there. Basically, this is a plastic potty training toilet seat with an iPad holder attached, which the manufacturer says will help keep kids from getting bored or fidgety. When I was a kid, I got board books, as did my own kids. I mean, who wants to clean up toddler pee from their iPad? Not this parent.
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ts.20130107T123137.550_LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 EV3RSTORM

EV3 Mindstorms Robotic Kit – $350 – Releases later this year

As a parent of an avid ten year old Lego Leaguer, I can tell you the next generation robotics building and programming kit has us both super excited. The new EV3 will have iOS and Android support out of the box, letting kids both program and control anything they build from smartphones and tablets. The new command module will be based on Linux, as well, which significantly ups the ante for any hack-friendly parent/child bonding sessions.
Via: Wired

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