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The Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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Bob Ross is like the nicest grandpa you never had. Instead of yelling at you to get out of the way so he can watch Wheel of Fortune, he spends his days trying to show you all the beauty in the world that somehow eludes you.

Growing up, many of us watched Ross’ Joy of Painting with fervor. Personally, I associated Ross, his serene voice, and calm demeanor with public television. Although I could never understand the pleasure of watching someone build a house or fly fish on TV, it made perfect sense to me that I should study Ross’ wet-on-wet technique — as if the mere act of observing him would bestow upon me artistic qualities that I won’t possess in a million years.

The Bob Ross Painting Tutorial is the gift to get your budding artist. This 20-lesson DVD tutorial encompasses more than a decade of Ross memories. Your child can follow along using his or her own oil paints and canvas as the master models how to craft mountain landscapes, tumultuous seas, placid lakes, and—of course—“happy little trees.”

Restless children (and aren’t we all?) will be thrilled to discover that they don’t have to wait for the first layer of paint to dry before they can feverishly begin applying another layer — thank Ross, and his use of the wet-on-wet technique for that. And the show doubles as a stress reducer for kids who feel bombarded by the academic pressures of test prep and homework. Just think of the Bob Ross Painting Tutorial as the video equivalent of warm milk and a lullaby.

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