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The Book of How

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If kids are good at one thing, it’s getting fascinated. I was enthralled with everything as a kid, and I insisted on learning all there was to know about the world around me. While nerds like us are typically well-informed about these sort of things, sometimes it helps to have someone else explain certain questions in a more succinct manner, without us having to do all the thinking every time our kids ask questions. To assist with this process is The Book of How, that answers many of these questions so we don’t have to.

It is a colorful, well-illustrated book, filled with interesting descriptions of how many things work. Explanations range from the embalming process of mummies, to paleontology, and how we’re about to view things in space reliably. The descriptions are all appropriately easy to understand, and your kids will enjoy the cute art that goes along with every page. Fair warning, there is a lot of the color green involved (it’s practically everywhere), so if you have a lifelong vendetta against green for whatever reason, then reading this book to your kids will become much more difficult for you.

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