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Batman: The Brave And The Bold Flip Flops

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold is something like a reinvention of Batman, but also hearkens back to the golden and silver age of the series; a more lighthearted time where bad guys were obviously bad, and the good guys always good. If your child watches the show, then their love for Batman is probably growing by the second. You’ve probably had to buy them a Batman shirt for every day of the week, a Batman costume for everyday wear, and Batman bedsheets to have caped crusader-infused dreams every night. Don’t worry, even if it’s not what the other kids are wearing, your nerdling’s desire to wear head-to-toe Batman is a testament to their righteous alignment.

We’ve got the toe part covered with these Brave and the Bold flip flops. It features Blue Beetle soaring high in the air, Batman in mid-punch, and the Green Arrow right before he unleashes his weapon on an unfortunate criminal. The explosion in the background was probably the bad guy’s hideout, not blown to smithereens. The trio will be a good reminder to your own little crime fighter that in order to achieve any butt-kicking, you’ll need the help of a few noble friends.

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