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The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster

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My bookshelf is filled with all sorts of detective novels now, but unfortunately I never had access to them when I was younger. However, the popularity of stories featuring a deductive team of professionals has increased as of late, bringing with it new book series for sleuthing fans of all ages. Among them is The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster; a story of young detectives Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey, two fifth graders dedicated to solving crimes and debunking mysteries. Drake is the scientist of the pair, while Nell relies on her logic and deduction skills to help solve a case. Together they make a great team, and are solid role models for children who like figuring out problems and saving the day with science.

While not quite Holmes and Watson, Drake and Nell are charming, interesting characters thrust into a thick plot revolving around Mossy Lake. However, The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster is only one of the ace detective stories in the book. This novel is the second in the Doyle and Fossey series, where each sees sees the duo tackling four cases per book. Written for young scientists by microbiologist Michele Torrey, this detective series promotes learning while solving the cases in the book, and is penned with scientific principles in mind. The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster is a great first series to introduce your little problem solver to the wide world of mystery novels.

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