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The Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course

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Steve Irwin was a rambunctious, amazing, knowledgeable naturalist, and a real gift to nature television. While he is sadly no longer with us, we do have the entirety of his life’s work available on DVD, including this rather curious specimen: Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course.

First, this isn’t a nature documentary. Collision Course is a feature-length film focusing on a downed CIA satellite that was eaten by a crocodile, which the crocodile is trying to protect.  There’s a misunderstanding or two and next thing you know, The Crocodile Hunter is being chased through Australia by the CIA.

The movie stars Steve Irwin and his real-life wife, Terri, essentially playing themselves, albeit with a bit of a narrative spin. On the whole, reviews favor the moments in which the Irwins are actually exploring and explaining nature, and generally dismiss the plot as a bad idea gone even worse.

The movie is okay, getting about a 50% rating on Rottentomatoes, but it’s a solid introduction to Steve Irwin’s bombastic attitude and earnest conservation efforts. If your kids are interested in nature conservancy and wildlife, this is probably a good movie for them to get to know the Crocodile Hunter before being eased into his slightly slower-paced nature documentaries.


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