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The Crow Movie Action Figure

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Recently on a popular pop culture website, The Crow soundtrack earned its spot as the number one comic book movie soundtrack of all time, and rightfully so. There were a handful of really great bands that contributed to the Gothic allure of Eric Draven and the eternal wasteland of a city on Devils Night in Detroit: The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Rollins Band, Pantera, Violent Femmes, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. All vital music you need when you’re a dead rock star seeking revenge. As a parent who was in their formative years when The Crow first came out and was probably a complete and utter fan, to turn your child on to the music of the above-mentioned bands, is probably a dream come true.

So while you get ready to douse little Timmy in a sonic pool of black, industrial sludge (good, yummy sludge, that is), giving them the Eric Draven action figure from McFarlane Toys is a devilishly decent thing for you to do. With the white face paint and black attire that fashioned the character to cult status instantly, the figure also comes with a guitar, a movie poster marquee, and, of course, a crow. Neat. Though this particular series of figures has been discontinued, there are a few left for you to grab quickly. For those that grab them before you, well, sometimes seeking revenge is a necessary move to make. Just consider it a typical day in Detroit where everyday is Devils Night.

Alas, our hero, Eric Draven, making a guitar shed some tears:

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