The Doubleclicks Release “Lasers and Feelings”


Over on the West Coast, if you’re part of geek culture, you’re familiar with the singing and songwriting sisters The Doubleclicks. The Portland-based duo has played at geeky venues across the country, including w00tstock at San Diego Comic-Con and Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. If this is your first time hearing about Angela and Aubrey Webber, then now’s the perfect time to get acquainted.

This month The Doubleclicks released their newest album, Lasers and Feelings, their first recording with a full band. Some of the songs have been released previously, but here are re-arranged to take advantage of the full band sound — in addition to the duo’s trademark guitar and cello. The album is catchy and funny, with a hint of melancholy, featuring sweet and slightly snarky songs covering topics that range from the life of a rock star to the strange phenomenon of the fake geek girl.


The title track is a playful ode to a girl-meets-bad-boy story–with a twist. He might be a “deranged billionaire” supervillain, but the girl is certain that she can save him.

The amusing “Guy Who Yelled Freebird” is ridiculously catchy. Wondering if people still shout out for the song at concerts, I checked in with one half of The Doubleclicks to ask if that happens at their performances as well. “Absolutely they do!” Angela Webber told me. “People yell ‘Freebird’ at every kind of concert. I don’t know why.”

It was the track “Nothing to Prove” that I was really curious about, so I asked Angela about their inspiration for that song as well. In “Nothing to Prove,” The Doubleclicks sing about women who are called upon to pass some sort of test to show that they’re nerdy enough to be called a geek.

“We are sometimes challenged on our geek cred, but that is not what bothers us really, because that is silly, and we are doing what we love, and we are happy,” said Angela. “It does bother me that people challenge and try to scare away young awesome geek girls or other people new to the world of fandom, because having more people enthusiastic about the things we love is only a good thing.”

The last track on Lasers and Feelings, “Oh Mr. Darcy,” has been stuck in my head for days – and not just because a 12-foot statue of Colin Firth currently resides in a lake in London. I’ve never seen the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice, but now, thanks to The Doubleclicks, I must find a copy of it. I’m ready to swoon.

It’s worth noting that “Oh Mr. Darcy” is the only song on the album with profanity, so you might want to screen that one when the kids are around. It’s tame, but, you know, full disclosure and all …

All of the songs on Lasers and Feelings are melodious and clever with a folk feel. The Doubleclicks are gifted at crafting lyrics guaranteed to put a smile on any nerd’s face. If you’re looking for a sweet sound for warm summer nights, Lasers and Feelings is now available on the band’s website and at iTunes.


Images courtesy © The Doubleclicks.

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