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The First Pokemon Movie

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Things that are terrifying: Spiders, clowns, and psychic, telekinetic cats. I shudder to think of the awful things my feline friend would force me to do. Endless chin rubs, Chilean sea bass breakfasts, a catnip garden grown in my closet.

Oddly, the very first Pokemon movie dealt with these same issues. Well, sort of. The insane, supernatural cat in question, MewTwo, was actually more intent on making a band of supermutant Pokemon to take over the world. I think the writers of the show gave cats entirely too much credit as far as feline ambition goes.

Still, the movie is a good one, and most fans will agree that the first Pokemon movie is the best in the series, an impressive feat seeing as there are, at the moment, about ten movies in total – not counting DVD bundles of the TV series. Grab some popcorn, pop in the movie, and settle down on the couch next to your tots to teach them why you should keep radioactive materials away from the family cat. Unless, of course, you want to spend the next dozen or so years rubbing your cat’s belly.

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