The Geekly Prophet: Nerdy News From Around The Web

We’re starting a new section for every Friday, where we’ll give you a recap on 5 geek/nerd-related news stories forom the week. Anything from news to videos to announcements is included. So sit back and enjoy your weekly dose of nerd-infested updates.

  1.  Electronic Entertainment Expo a.k.a E3Ec ExpoFor the first of this soon-to-be weekly ritual, we’re bringing up E3, the annual gaming conference that you’ve obviously heard about all week. If you had no clue that E3 was going on please excuse yourself and go back under the rock that you crawled out of. Anyways, this year’s E3 was mind-blowing with the Xbox One and the PS4 press conferences, along with Nintendo’s unconventional showcase and EA’s major announcements of their next-gen games. Also, find out how Ouya, the new Android-based mini-console that has been making headlines since its beginnings on Kickstarter, made its grand entrance at E3.
  2.  The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)WWDC

    For all you Apple fanatics, the WWDC this year had a slew of announcements in regards to new software and hardware. OS X Mavericks (guess cat names are out of style now) is the latest Mac desktop operating system. The new OS will include over 200 new features and will be released sometime in the fall. The new iOS 7 caused quite the stir as people claimed that it had a lot of features that bared a striking resemblance to those already implemented in Androids. Apple also announced new Macs and iTunes Radio that will compete with the likes of Spotify and Pandora.

  3. Hashtags Make their Way to FacebookFB HashtagsYup folks, it’s true. There are now clickable hashtags on Facebook. So all those people you used to make fun of for being social media illiterate get to laugh at you. All those memes poking fun at Facebook hashtagging are now going to waste. What a shame. Facebook’s reasoning for this phenomenon?  “People were already using hashtags on Facebook – we just made them clickable.”  Now people can follow conversations and search hashtags in the search bar. Want your conversation to include comments from people outside of your group of friends? Just add a hashtag! Don’t worry though, if your privacy settings are set to uber private then your posts will continue to stay between you and your 300 friends.
  4. New Hobbit Trailer Gives A Glimpse of Smaug Who’s psyched for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in December? Okay, let me re-phrase that. Who’s psyched to finally see Smaug and the return of Legolas this upcoming December? The release of the teaser trailer for the next Hobbit movie has J.R.R Tolkien fans bouncing off the walls. I mean, seriously, who isn’t excited to see the second movie of The Hobbit? The teaser trailer gives viewers a peek of what’s to come for Bilbo Baggins and the gang of dwarves – spiders, chilling, dark forests, gold, traps, elves, and of course the mighty dragon! I give you props if you can contain yourself right now.
  5. Sony Pokes Fun at Microsoft

    It’s pretty apparent that Sony kicked Microsoft’s ass at E3 with the PS4 press conference (and this is coming from an Xbox fangirl). Although they may appear similar in hardware, the PS4 and Xbox One are different in a number of ways and one of those is the approach to used games. Microsoft announced that they will implement restrictive policies in regards to used games whereas Sony will be taking the complete opposite route. This whole issue resulted in Sony making an instructional video on how to share games. The video itself is only 22 seconds long, but it managed to rack up over 10 million views. It’s pretty funny, so check it out.

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