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The Girl Who Loved Danger

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Mikhail Bakhtin and Noam Chomsky won’t be able to teach your child anything about narrative theory once you’ve given them one of these amazing storytelling boxes that allow them to direct and produce their own stories, using props that have been painstakingly crafted by hand.

Storytelling is an ancient art that should be passed down from parent to child; Steve Light’s lovely story boxes will allow you to discover new ways to interact and engage with your child in the process of understanding the ways narratives work. This particular box is based on an African folktale “The Girl Who Loved Danger” (which likely describes Mama too…)

The props inside are gorgeous and exotic, designed to stimulate the creative spirit that dwells inside each child, (and within each parent who remains a dreamer, an artiste, a rebel at heart–even while we go to “Work” to pay the bills). In addition, they provide a great jumping off point for exploring folktales and stories from different cultures, which typically follow a different chronology than Western storytelling rhythms. For all these reasons, these boxes will be an awesome addition to your children’s already packed bookshelves!

Here’s a completely unrelated video of a cat sitting on a tortoise.

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