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The Gruffalo

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Imagine a grizzly bear crossed with a buffalo. Know what you’d get? Well, isn’t it obvious? A gruffalo, of course. Julia Donaldson and her incredible, somewhat-dark-somewhat-genius imagination came up with the concept of the gruffalo and wrote a little book about it back in the 90’s (aka “the good old days”). You might’ve heard of it, it’s sold well over 10 million copies.

And while the book is a fantastic story for kids of all ages, imagine The Gruffalo coming to life! Well, imagine no more. The Gruffalo has come to life, in the form of a 40-minute film, featuring the voices of Helena Bonham Carter (somewhat bonkers), Tom Wilkinson (somewhat refined), Rob Brydon (also somewhat bonkers—check out his impression of a small man trapped in a box), and lots more.

The tale tells the story of a mouse who walks through the woods and encounters a fox, an owl, and a snake—all wanting to gobble him up. The cunning mouse, wanting to scare the animals to avoid becoming their supper, tells a tall tale of a gruffalo. Scared that the gruffalo might eat them, the animals flee. But who should the mouse encounter right around the corner during his walk in the woods? The very monster he had invented himself: The Gruffalo.

Fun, quirky and a little bit cute (ok, a LOT cute), this movie was also nominated for Best Short Film at the 2011 Academy Awards and also received a BAFTA nomination back in 2010 (we’ll let the noms speak for themselves).

You can thank us later for digging this one up for the kids.

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