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The Heebie-Jeebies

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Remember the days of boiled sweets? No, not lemon drops or candy canes. We’re talking about traditional boiled sweets. Jolly Ranchers? Peppermint Swirls? Almost there, but not quite. Not so hip in the confectionery department, are we? So we’re talking about is the classic English humbug. Haven’t tried them? Isn’t it about time you did? Well, your kids did. You’re on that macrobiotic lifestyle now and there’s no turning back.

So, what if a company called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies created a range of boiled candies that came in vintage-style tins, accompanied by a specially commissioned short story for kids? So what? The kids would be entertained for hours, that’s what!

Established in 1818, Hoxton Street supplies “quality goods to monsters of every kind.” From fang floss and impacted human earwax (don’t worry, it’s just fudge), to “sorrow” seasalt, this little company is actually a non-profit business, aiding the Ministry of Stories (a creative writing and mentoring center for youngins).

So, grab a tin of Heebie Jeebies for the kids and watch as they “induce an immediate, tangible and most marvelous sensation of the heebie-jeebies, quickly relieving all causes of Well-Being, Joy, Warmth and General Happiness” (their words, not ours!)

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