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The Hunger Games Necklace

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The Hunger Games trilogy has legions of fans around the world of all ages, and with the first movie released, the following has only grown bigger. The trilogy tackles many difficult subjects, like poverty, oppression, and resistance, and like all good dystopian novels, has many eerie similarities to our own society. If you have a Hunger Games fan in your home, be excited because this means that their love for science fiction dystopian novels will only continue to grow.

Your kids, like many readers, see parts of themselves in the heroine Katniss, a young girl who helps lead the resistance against the oppressive Capitol. As all fans know, central to the resistance is the symbol of the mockingjay, a bird that was a result of a failed government experiment. The mockingjay helped to differentiate friend from foe in the world of Panem, and became the symbol that banded the various, disparate districts together for the same cause.

This metal mockingjay necklace is a perfect replica of the symbol depicted in the Hunger Games books and film, even down to the hard-worn look and coloring. The pendant measure about 1-1/2” in diameter and the fully-adjustable chain measures a maximum of 18 inches.

It’s a perfect gift for kid and teenage fans alike. They can display their spirit of resistance and show their solidarity to the oppressed districts of Panem.

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