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The Hypnotic Euler’s Disk

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Physics is a science that we take for granted every day. Gravity, the Earth rotating, driving your car to your destination — all are based on the amazing theories found in physics. As a child, many of us were amazed by how things worked. If your child spends hours spinning quarters or rolling toy cars downhill you should pick up Euler’s Disk from Educational Innovations.

This toy is rather simple at first glance. Just spin the disk on the included reflective surface. Then sit back and watch the “magic” happen. The disk will continue to spin and spin all the while radically changing sounds and speeds. Your child will be hypnotized as the rotation transforms gravitational potential energy into kinetic.

Euler’s Disk includes several pieces of magnetic film to send your kid on the trip of her life. The site recommends you spin the disk in a darkened room or use laser pointers. Just think, you’ll be able to introduce your child to their first rave.

Your kid will spin this disk for hours, all the while drooling and rocking back in forth. It’ll remind you of your college years. Hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out this video of the disk in action. Tell me you don’t want one for yourself.

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