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The Johnny Cash Children’s Album

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If you’ve taken the time to casually observe the origins of most children’s songs, you’ve probably noticed a lot of them are by singer/songwriters who tend to play with acoustic guitars and whose influences are rooted in bluegrass, folk, and country. They also happen to be very happy people who sometimes go over-the-top and become somewhat of an annoyance (because no one is that cheerful). They’re probably aliens who’ve come here to do us harm and brainwash all human beings with love for baby belugas and Puff the Magic Dragon. OOPS! Wait. They’ve already done that.

Unlike a lot of these “outta-this-world” individuals who’ve dominated children’s music, one man in particular went in his own direction, standing alone as THE coolest musician who’s ever released a children’s album.

Johnny Cash walked the line a lot in his life from his career beginnings in the 1950’s to the last days leading up to his death. He never did anything like anyone else and because of this became the most prolific country singer of all time. In the 70’s, family became his number one priority, with booze and pills taking a seat far away in the back of his mind. The Johnny Cash Children’s album, which was recorded in 1975, holds fifteen classic Johnny Cash masterpieces for the enjoyment of those who haven’t been jaded by adulthood just yet. With imaginative and creative tracks like “I Got a Boy and His Name is John,” “Call of the Wild,” “Little Green Fountain,” and “Nasty Dan,” fans of the man in black will have no qualms about letting their smaller rock/country fans take delight in country’s most important pied piper, who I guarantee was not of any alien species.

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