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The Knight and the Dragon

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Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned tale about knights and dragons? Well, despite the simplicity of the title, there’s nothing ordinary about The Knight and the Dragon. In this book, you won’t find the typical hero who is ready to run head first into battle, nor will you find a menacing, mythological, reptilian foe who is ready to defeat him. What you will find is a timid knight who reads up on dragons before trying to face one, and a dragon who goes through his ancestors things to figure out how to fight a knight.

In a constantly changing world where nothing ever seems to work the same way for our kids as it did for us, this children’s book teaches a valuable lesson about life and how to face our struggles: stay true to yourself. Is it any wonder, considering it was written by the great Tomie dePaola? Even if the name isn’t familiar, the artwork and storytelling probably are, as this paragon of children’s books has produced fantastic work for almost 250 titles! With delightfully colorful artwork and an enriching story that your young ones are sure to enjoy, the tale of The Knight and the Dragon is sure to become an instant classic.

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