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The Knights Of The Kitchen Table

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Kids who love to read often get completely lost in the worlds they’re reading about. They’ve probably daydreamed a few times about being transported to many imaginary places, which are always so full of magic, mystery, and adventure. In Knights of the Kitchen Table, three boys named Joe, Fred, and Sam find out exactly what that’s like. It’s the first in the Time Warp Trio Series by author Jon Scieszka, who also wrote the classic and hilarious Stinky Cheese Man stories.

Scieszka puts his talent for comedy to use once again in the Time Warp Trio series, of which there are 16 books total. In Knights of the Kitchen Table, the trio are transported to the time of King Arthur, and through a series of comical and accidental heroics, become knights of the round table themselves! They have run-ins with the Black Knight, dragons, and giants — no shortage of adventure in these 14 chapters. The book is recommended for ages 7-9 and features illustrations every few pages to help your child’s imagination along.

Pick up a copy and enjoy the peace and quiet as your child gets lost in this comical adventure. Pretty soon, though, they’ll be asking, perhaps begging, for the sequels — all 15 of them!

Here’s some other animated time travelers encountering knights which you might recognize from your youth:

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