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The Little Yoga Mat

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There was never a doubt in your mind: your child will be an eco-conscious, peace-loving, brilliant yogi. Of course! That’s why you’ll be needing The Little Yoga Mat. All the other mamas at Mommy and Me Yoga will be green with envy when they see your adorable little angel in repose on her miniature yoga mat–which of course is PVC, latex, BPA, formamide, and lead free. Not that you care about inspiring anyone’s envy–that’s egotistical, and you’re so much more enlightened than that!

The mats feature “chakra inspired” multi-toned designs, Lotus in shades of purple, and Sun in a blue/orange/yellow pattern. These mats were created by a yoga teacher and mom, so you’ll also be supporting a small-business woman! They roll right up and can fit in the basket of your Swiss-designed luxury stroller, also making this the perfect playmat or picnic “blanket.” Or, if you’re into self-reliance, your child can carry the mat along herself. These petite mats are symbolic of your commitment to your child’s yogic lifestyle. Because an enlightened child doesn’t always mean a clean child, the Little Yoga Mat is easily wiped off with soap and water. Bring along a shot of wheatgrass and some vegan cupcakes for her snack and you’re good to go.

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