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The Magic School Bus – The Complete Series

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The Magic School Bus was a ridiculous cartoon show. Of course, I mean that in absolutely the nicest way possible since it’s quite enjoyable; but there’s something that needs to be said about Ms. Frizzle: she’s absolutely insane. Think about it for a second: does Ms. Frizzle ever seem the least bit phased by the fact that at any moment, she could suddenly be in outer space, or in the Cretaceous Era, or shrunk down to microscopic size? Never mind the fact that she’s taking children with her, who may or may not have appropriate permission forms from their parents, or the fact that she’s piloting a bus that turns into a giant frog, a spaceship, or a rock, or drives inside a movie.

The Magic School Bus – The Complete Series comes with 8 DVDs, featuring all 52 episodes of the television program. Yes, Ms. Frizzle may be a little bit off her rocker, but it was an entertaining show that teaches kids all about a great many scientific things. There aren’t many cartoons that were popular while still managing to be educational, so if you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids while they learn, this cartoon is the way to go. You may even get some nostalgia from watching these shows with your kids.


  1. Super Dad

    Looking back, you’re right, Ms. Frizzle was a bit insane. Kind of in that psychedelic Scooby and Shaggy kind of way. It all seems to make a bit more sense now….

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