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The Maze of Bones

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Which would you choose: one million dollars, or a clue for a chance at ultimate power?

Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) begins the 11-book story of two children in the Cahill family, Amy and Dan, as they attempt to solve the mystery of the 39 Clues, which hasn’t been solved by any other member in their large family tree. Having chosen the clue rather than the cash, and facing all manner of traps, puzzles and tricks, Amy and Dan must race against their other descendants to claim the secret of their family lineage, and possibly ultimate power in the process. (Personally, I would have gone with the million; buying things for your kids isn’t cheap!)

Written by Rick Riordan, the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Percy Jackson series, Maze of Bones is bound to get the attention of any child interested in mystery, intrigue and/or suspense. It’s a great beginner’s book to introduce your child to the amazing world of mystery novels, a genre that will no doubt become a staple of their reading repertoire.

Along with the book, Maze of Bones ignites the gamer side of your nerdling with a set of collectible cards, each containing clues and evidence pertaining to the story (hidden in puzzles), and an online game where they not only get to be a part of the action, but compete for $100,000 in prizes as well. Every book in the series expands on these clues, allowing your child to collect the cards, advance in the game, and follow along with the main characters, discovering hints about the secret of the Cahill family as they read and play.

It comes with cards! What kid doesn’t love collecting cards? Anywhere you see kids in a group, they’re usually collecting and trading some kind of card. Get your kid interested in reading a great story, help them develop analytical skills, and give them something to share at the same time with The 39 Clues.

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