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The Monkees: First Season (1966)

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The Monkees were an imaginary band created by TV executives as part of a show about a band. However, due to their popularity, they became an actual band. In the show, they were trying to be like the Beatles, and abjectly and hilariously failing at it. In real life, they became quite successful and remained popular well into the 1980s when their show was reran on TV.

This DVD set contains all 32 episodes of the first season, which aired in 1966. TV in the 1960s had every number of colorful villains for a group of four well-meaning but naïve musicians to fall prey to. In the first season, Davy, Mickey, Peter, and Mike are lured into traps by psychics, débutantes, circus performers, mobsters, boxers, gypsies, mad scientists, anyone with a daughter he wants married off, and every other fun bad guy that the decade had to offer. The Monkees even have to deal with a communist spy named Boris. The show is filled with staged, silly hijinks, but the last episode is an unscripted musical tour.

Share this television classic with your kids and teach them about a simpler time when everyone had a bob, sideburns, clothing came in a rainbow of browns and oranges, jackets frequently had two parallel rows of buttons, and above all, music took center stage.

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