The Nerdy Family’s Guide To Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is an important way for any family who has the means to help others around them and try to make the world a better place. Involving your kids in selecting a charity and making donations is also a great way to teach them social responsibility and the importance of helping others. Picking an organization to give your hard-earned money to when selecting a charity can be difficult, however. There aren’t any hard rules for who to give to, how much to give, or even how to go about doing it, and not many charities are lining up at your door to gauge interest. Even if they were, how do we find one that appeals to us, specifically? Perhaps you aren’t aware of any charities that suit your particular interests, or you already have one in mind, but you aren’t sure how to go about donating to it. Whether it’s video games, books, or the internet, there’s likely a charity organization out there that resonates with your nerdy side, which can help make charitable giving more interesting for your kids. I’ve outlined a few of the more prospective nerd-related charity organizations below, as well as a way you can give something back just by buying products you’re likely already interested in. Sound good? Alright, let’s have a look.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
While you may not realize it on a day-to-day basis, you have certain legal rights that you exercise each and every time you use the internet. Rights such as your right to freedom of speech, and the right to privacy are issues that affect all of us when we’re browsing, downloading, and playing, but many of us simply assume that we’re covered by law on the ‘net. We are, but it’s thanks in part to the efforts by organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Laws that concern the internet are still relatively new in comparison to most, so there is often room for grey area and misinterpretation of many issues; those issues could affect you if you aren’t made aware of them. The Electronic Frontier Foundation comprises experts in the fields of law, analysis, business and technology, working on the brass tacks so that we can keep our internet safe. Someone has to defend our digital rights, and if you’d like to assist them, go to to find out how. After all, you want your kids to have the same freedoms that you’ve enjoy, right?

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Host of the prestigious Nebula awards for writing, the SFWA organization was founded to assist writers of many of your favorite books on everything from promotion, programs and legal counsel, to funding. The organization is committed to helping authors both new and established with quality support structures, information, and the improvement of the writing industry. If you and your kids are passionate about books or writing and wish to donate, look to for ways you can help.

Child’s Play
Focused on helping hospitalized children reconnect with games and toys they otherwise wouldn’t be able to have, Child’s Play has raised millions of dollars for kids over the past decade. Child’s Play works like a gift registry list, where donors can pick a hospital by location, and view the lists of games, toys, books, and other kid-related products that the kids wish for. Donors can then purchase those items to be sent to the children, or donate money outright to the organization. You can even teach your kids a good lesson about giving by having them help you shop for the games that you will donate. By directly purchasing the product you’re giving, the charity process can feel more personal. The recovery process for many of these conditions are improved when children play, have fun, and interact with others, so by facilitating a more positive environment, Child’s Play seeks to help the healing process through fun, and if you’d like to be a part of that, is where to start.

Now, if you’d like to donate money to any of these charities, but you’re not sure if you have much, don’t fret. There is a way to give however much you want, while also getting back in return. Multiple times per year, sales are held on various nerdy products on a site called the Humble Bundle, found here, at The Humble Bundle frequently offers collections of indie games, books, music, and other products on a pay-what-you-want scale, where a certain amount of the proceeds go to charity. You get to pick which charity you’d like to donate to, and what percentage of your payment goes to that charity. In return, you get merchandise related to what you’re giving to. It’s a great way to give back, while also doing something you’d normally be doing.

So, go out there and get your whole family excited about charitable donations. Giving back to the communities you love doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, as long as you know where to look.

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