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The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Head Lamp

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If Halloween were a person, walking around, window shopping because it’s a nice day to do to so and the forecast calls for showers tomorrow (Halloween is apparently your grandmother), Peter Steele, the deceased lead singer of Type O Negative, would have been the perfect archetype. On Type O’s most recognized track, Black #1, he even addressed his affinity for every goth kid’s favorite holiday, by declaring: “Every day is Halloween.” SO TRUE.

Like Peter Steele, Jack Skellington — the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas fame — also believed that every day was Halloween; his attempt to overthrow the wretchedness of Christmas by kidnapping “Sandy Claws” proved his dedication towards this philosophical outlook. Perhaps if Jack was a real-life person—instead of a drawing, maybe his character would embody Halloween even more than my man P Steele.

In celebration of Tim Burton’s brilliant mind leakage onto the big screen, this holiday classic is celebrated in lamp form with The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Head Lamp. The detailed, hand painted, Tiffany-style lamp with everyone’s favorite Halloween Town hero as it’s theme, will light up Halloween happiness 365 days a year. When presenting your little ghouls and goblins with Jack’s head as a gift, be sure to include a copy of the movie as well.

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